Wednesday, 2 December 2015

White Wedding Wednesday: Lauren and Shawn

Bonjour!  It's been so long, but for good reason, I promise, and this weeks story is worth the wait!  I'm very excited to introduce this week's White wedding feature couple: Lauren and Shawn, founders of a website that features their collaborative projects and adventures together.

I first met Lauren in my Toronto studio, when she was looking for a white gold wedding band flecked with diamonds to compliment her stunning art deco engagement ring.  After some sketching and meetings, we came together on a design, and I set out to make her a memorable piece.

Lauren and Shawn chose some locations and spots very dear to my heart as well, having married at a loft around the corner from my old house, and for their celebrations, a local favorite, Duggan's Brewery, is a spot I'm missing very much at the moment!  

So check out their amazing, handmade wedding and all of the thoughtful details!

Where did you both meet?

He said: 
We met online, but had our first meet up at Disgraceland (a bar in Toronto). I had already consumed about 5 cups of coffee before she arrived. She showed up wearing a t-shirt with paint on it for some renovations she had been doing, and that made me know she was the one. 

She said: 
Online! Perhaps not the most serendipitous of love stories, but it is ours and comes with the added bonus of having our first conversations documented online allowing us to use those awkward and embarrassing words as our wedding speech.


At what point in the relationship did you know that you wanted to get married to each other? 
 He said: From fairly early on we had experienced a lot of things, both in physical life and emotionally that I had always wanted to experience as far as knowing if this person was meant for me. Then once we began casually discussing what our wedding and future lives would be like and how excited those conversations made us, I knew it would be a done deal sooner than later.   She said: It took us a little while for our equally cerebral minds to trust our hearts that we had found our forever, but we definitely knew early on that this was something special and within a few months were planning for a life together

How did you imagine your wedding day to be as a child or teenager?  Or did you?  He said: 
I always daydreamed about watching my bride walk down the aisle and was pretty certain that I would probably cry. Well, 1 of 2 happened (and in case you're wondering which one... I didn't cry). I think it was all just a far more surreal experience for me than I had imagined it being.  
She said: 
As a child I often dreamed about my husband and our life together, but never really put much thought in to the actual wedding. If I imagined anything it was around the feel of the day being as close as possible to an intimate family dinner with food, drinks and love overflowing and great music playing in the background. 

What is the trait/weird habit/inspiring oddity that you admire most about the other person?  He said: Her capability to do anything she puts her mind to. She dreams big and makes it happen. She has impeccable taste and has created a world around her that is truly hers. And now that I've been in the picture a while, we're creating a world that is truly 'ours'. It's amazing. 
 She said:  
Shawn’s attention to detail not only in the work he does but in how he treats the people in his life is inspiring. He wants so badly to do well not only for himself professionally, but as a person and especially as a partner.   
He is also the happiest person in the world when he wakes up and it is such a gift to wake up beside him each day. 

What was your most memorable date or trip together? 
 He said: 
Recently we spent 10 days up at the family cottage for our belated honeymoon. We pickled, made jams and amazing dinners, took day trips, had the fire going none-stop, and talked about the future and what we've accomplished so far. It was magical. 
 She said:  Relatively early on in our relationship we took a little driving trip to Upstate New York for a long weekend of following whatever road our hearts lead us and stopping at all the antique stores along the way. I can remember so many times during that trip looking over at Shawn driving and feeling such contentment and happiness. It was so easy to just let the days unfold with him and during that trip I knew our lives together would be full of so many more moments finding joy in just being together. 
shawn tie

invite close up

What was the most memorable/surprising thing about your wedding day? 
He said: 
The food (which was amazing!). Also, seeing so many of our loved ones and friends all together in one spot was wonderful. The day was all about sharing our love with everyone and having everyone feel loved, and I think we truly accomplished that. 

She said: I think the most surprising thing about the wedding was how calm I was the whole day. From the moment I woke up I felt so present in each moment and was really able to soak it all in. 

What do you like to do on weekends, as a couple? 

He said:  
Work on our home. A morning trip to Home Depot with coffee in hand, then home to work. 

She said:  
Home Renos! We tend to wake up early with a house project on our minds, perhaps chat out the details in bed with some coffee before hopping in the car for another quick coffee stop on our way to Home Depot where we happily shop together for supplies to make our renovation dreams come true. The rest of the weekend is usually dedicated to working on our home, quenching our thirst with a great IPA and then rewarding ourselves at the end of the day with a home cooked meal. 

 What does your new jewelley mean to you? Did you know what you wanted early on?  He said: 
Looking down at my ring and feeling it sit on my finger brings me such a sense of contentment and protection as I know it not only symbolizes my love and commitment to Shawn, but also has the positive energy and love from our friends and family who were at our wedding ceremony. 

She said:
I knew I wanted something simple that would nestle in nicely to my engagement ring, but aside from that I was not totally sure what I wanted and after a failed attempt at buying one online I was very happy for the guidance and talents of Touch the Dutch. 



What is your biggest fantasy/dream/hope as a couple?  He said:  Farm in the country. Then, pretty much anything we set our minds to. 
 She said: 
Big dreams we most definitely have and at the top of the list right now is to buy a farm that will not only house our life together, but also a Montessori School run by Shawn in one of the barns converted into the most supportive learning environment and then a B&B for us to host guests at in another part of the propertyThe dream of working the land together, eating from what we raise and grow and being steps from our work and each other each day is a dream we are so excited to see come true. 
On a more experiential level, my hope is to always find the greatest joy in each others company may it be sitting side by side on long drives or in bed reading the morning fliers, I dream (and know) that together will always be my happiest place.