Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Roughing it in the Bush

It's difficult to imagine how hard it was...
the isolation and discomfort, the broken hearts.

I'm currently reading "Roughing it in the Bush", by Susanna Moodie an English writer, who emigrated to Canada in the 1830's.  Her editors wanted her to write a book that would serve as a guide for Englishmen and women considering emigration to Canada, but instead she gave them the truth. 

The bitter truth, about how truly difficult it is for someone of relative wealth and with no prior experience with farming to start a homestead in Canada.  Published in 1852, it was the first honest, firsthand account of a settlers experience that wasn't romanticised or misleading. 

The publishing house was the time Canada was being promoted as a utopia for the British emigrant, a land of natural riches and great beauty.

It became wildly successful, and is still in print and a great read, published by a rare book company.  It's part of a trilogy and I'm looking forward to the other two books, if it is even possible to find them.

These pics are from that time period, and from Retronaut.
The first image is a portrait of Susanna Moodie.


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