Thursday, 29 August 2013

Studio visit....

After a much needed break on the east coast I feel refreshed and looking forward to getting back in the studio again.

It was great to see the new additions to my extended family and spend time together at the cottage, canoeing, campfires, and creating delicious meals together in Cape Breton. 
I've been slowly easing back into the quiet studio again, and wanted to throw open the doors and welcome you into my space. 

My studio building is located on a quiet street, next to a park in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood....I used to live a few doors down from my studio, but have since moved.  It was a dream commute for a several years, and there were many times I'd pop in very late in pjs to finish up some last minute orders.

The building itself is a turn of the century former textiles factory, but I'm not sure what they manufactured in there, and there are only a couple other buildings like this one on the street, but they have been converted into lofts.  There are mostly furniture makers, painters, printmakers and designers currently using the space. 

The most impressive thing about the building itself is the light, our studio has six windows, it's actually all windows on one wall which sounds oppressive, but the building is nicely cooled by the surrounding park and trees in the summer. 

The second amazing part about the space is that the building has its original interior, hardwood floors, staircases etc.  Each of the studios are linked by old phones so we can communicate between studios....but don't chat too long, it's a party line!

My other favourite part about the building is the original antique freight elevator with a hardwood gate...which I forgot to shoot photos of, but will post later. 

For those of you who are too far away to visit easily, welcome~!




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