Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Keep your head down, and Focus on Fall.

It is terribly stunning outside of the studio windows.....all of the trees, the blinding light.  It's difficult to concentrate when it is so beautiful outside.  I hope it is an amazing Fall, wherever you are, and that you are taking some time to be outside and just enjoy it, while it's here.

Here is what last week looked like in the studio, working on a massive heap of castings, in preparation for the holidays, gallery and wholesale orders. 

The other shots are from a much needed escape to check out Marcel Dzamas short film, "Une danse des bouffons", a dadaist love story.  The installation shot of the couple is exhibited to compliment the film in the gallery space. 

The exhibition celebrates the work of David Cronenberg, and Dzama was commissioned to create a short film to contribute, in collaboration with the Toronto Internaional Film Festival.  If you are a Dzama or Cronenberg fan, a visit to the Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art is worth the trip.  It was great to see Dzamas drawings come to life in film, set to a soundtrack scored by Arcade Fire.

After tripping out with Dzama and going down that rabbit hole, I needed something light and contrary.  Staring at Pugs and eating french macaroons ususally does the trick. Nadege patisserie on Queen street, beside the park has amazing temptations and their space is stunning.


Marcel Dzama, Une Danse Des Bouffons (or A Jester's Dance), 2013, video still.



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