Monday, 17 March 2014

The Goldfinch.


On the subway, head buried in book,
"It's not about a bird is it...?"
Me, pulling music out of ears, soft, fleet foxes,
"No" (not really wanting a chat)
"What's it about?"
Complete silence. 

Then I decided that was too severe,
"And fate".

I've been waiting for so long for new work from writer Donna Tartt, one of my favourite authors...11 years to be specific.
And it was worth every moment.  An amazing book about the timelessness of art and beauty, fate, our bonding ties and the tragedy and hopelessness of it all...but there is light, and like the golden winged little goldfinch in Carel Fabritius' painting, it shines through.

File:The goldfinch by donna tart.png


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