Friday, 19 September 2014

The Fall Focus....

It has been a pretty busy fall so far, with preparations for my upcoming exhibition in the winter, and wholesale orders that I've been filling in the studio.

I've been working on the continuation of a series that explores the floral symbols of each province, a sort of visual road trip across Canada.  This project involved a lot of sketching, and experimentation to find the right silhouettes to best express the floral form.  

I started on the east coast...Ahoy!...and have been working my way westward.  In the winter, I will be presenting the whole series, with the newest additions, Alberta (the wild rose), Saskatchewan (Western red Lily), and British Columbia (the Pacific dogwood).  When the time is right, I will creep North and finish the series.

I took some time yesterday to pick up a few supplies, including some really amazing Opalite cushion cut stones, some moonstones for bezel setting, and some teardrop shaped moonstones that I might turn into pendants.

Well for now, it's back to the studio...even though my hands are so sore, and most of my fingerprints have disappeared from all of the sanding.  Sigh.

Experimenting with layout.....

So sunny outside the studio!

Some supplies. Semi precious beads come like this from my supplier downtown.


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