Friday, 17 August 2012

A Canadiana Wedding...

It's been a busy week for my axe brooches....Liam Vu from Global News (local Toronto News morning show), came by my studio yesterday, and picked up a couple of my axe brooches...he wrote me earlier to let me know that he was wearing one on air this morning....(never finished this post till Friday, so It was actually Tuesday morning). 
I never got to see their on air debut, however, as I was deep in sleep, when his show aired! 
I'm still not getting great sleep due to a noisy early departure of neighbours on a daily basis, so I grab sleep when I can.

I also got a note from a very thoughtful client of mine, Jennifer Pitt,  who got married this summer, in Toronto and had a wedding with a bit of a Canadiana bent to the festivities.  It was very sweet that they chose one of my pieces for their special day....I think the sterling silver and cherry axe brooch looks great here!

Their intimate wedding included a lovely lunch at the Brickworks, Cafe Belong, which is a stunning space.

Their wedding emphasized an inclusion of exclusively Canadian Designers:  Fluveog shoes, Coriander Girl for amazing floral inspiration,, and the dress, made by Mikaella Bridal,

Her amazing photos were shot by Tyler, from Mango Studios:

Congrats Jen!

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