Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Frost Buildings Lapel Pin: The man, the building.

A few weeks ago, I was commissioned to create a commemorative lapel pin to celebrate the Frost buildings in Toronto, Ontario.  I was really excited to create a simple, graphic piece that would function as a small symbolic lapel pin and thrilled with opportunity to celebrate these buildings.

The Frost buildings in Toronto, are an architectural landmark in Toronto, one of the first examples of modern office architecture in Toronto.  I think it is also really unique in that the shape of the building also follows the curvature of the street on which it was is minimalist and has that fantastic, dark, ominous "Gotham city" sort of aesthetic.

Today, it is home to various Ontario government agencies, mainly the department of Finance....the building has a north and south side, connected by a pedway of sorts that I've represented with a Trillium silhouette (the provincial floral symbol).

I love the history of the building and that it was named after former Ontario premier, Leslie Frost, who was known as "Old Man Ontario" and the "Silver Fox".... according to Wikipedia.... Amazing.  His father was a jeweller, and mayor of Orillia so they were a family with interests in the arts and politics.

File:Frost Building.jpg

Frost Buildings Image. Wikipedia.

Frost Buildings Lapel Pin.
Anneke van Bommel


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