Saturday, 20 July 2013

Off Cut Studio gets featured!

Last weekend was pretty exciting around my partner, Cameron was featured on Etsys front page...the coveted "featured seller" spot on their blog.

Cameron primarily creates custom furniture for clients, works with Toronto designers on special projects and makes limited edition, carefully executed interior home objects. 
He also creates really fantastic solid wood bike baskets, carriers and fenders. 

I've been using my solid walnut bike basket now for over three years, and was very happy
to be able to use one of the first prototypes, and see how it wears over the years....I can't count the number of times that I have been riding along or at a light, and called out to by other cyclists wanting to know how they can find one. 

I've been know to transport possibly ridiculous objects by bike over the years....a four foot stainless garbage can, a five foot vintage hair pin leg shop stool, lumber, thirty pounds of groceries and more.  Needless to say, I needed a bike basket that was significant in size and this design was created out of necessity and over the years, Cameron has refined the design and tweaked the details based on the original prototype.

There was a lot of excitement and hard work, leading up to the virtual event and it was      fun to help out in the studio with a photo shoot before the feature.

Here are some images from the photo shoot, and the link to his interview....


Wood serving tray - bevel edged wood platter
Salt cellar - cherry wood salt cellar with wooden spoon
Eliptical wooden bike basket
Maple Sugar Bowl
Bike Basket - Large Walnut Wood bike basket
Wood Oak Clock


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