Sunday, 29 December 2013

Happy Holidays to all....

I hope that over the holidays you take some time for yourself, some restorative recharging for the year to come and some reflection on the year that was.

The moments leading up to the holidays were, for me, very busy and overwhelming, and I made a decision to not go it alone next year.  I'll be calling the help of some former students who mentioned that they would give me a hand if I needed, it but I waited too long to ask for the help when I most needed it.  Lesson learned.

I wanted to share with you a peaceful place, that is inspirational, restorative and mood altering if you are in need of a winter pick me up. 

On my list of Holiday adventures was a trip to the Allen gardens in Toronto.  One of the oldest greenhouse gardens in Toronto, it was founded in 1858, and is over 16,000 square feet of floral wonders. 

The day we arrived, it was a beautiful, sunny, crisp day with snow covering everything in sight.  Throwing open the doors, you are immediately transported to another world, in sharp contrast to the one that you just left. The fragrant, moist environment is pretty shocking to the system, and I can only parallel it to the feeling you get when you leave winter in Canada, and exit the plane, somewhere tropical, when that wall of heat, growth and abundance smacks you right in the face. 

Towering palm trees, tropical curiosities, bananas growing in abundance, cactus, paper whites, and for the holidays, poinsettias filled every nook and cranny.  I have resolved to make these gardens a destination when I need an escape from the winter chills and a calm, soft space to renew. 

Happy New Year to you all. xoxo


All photos by me with the exception of the exterior shot of the building. 
I totally forgot to shoot a pic as it was FREEZING outside, but luck may have it,
Patrick, at had a great outdoor image in winter! :)


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