Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Design Week 2014...New Works!

For Design Week 2014, I was tasked with an exciting design create works that were tabletop pieces.

I'd been wanting to showcase some minimalist salt cellar and extravagant tea strainer designs for sometime that had been living in my sketchbook, and thought that this would be the perfect opportunity.
The salt cellars are made from solid Walnut and Bass wood which is a common southern Ontario tree. I fabricated solid brass, minimalist spoons for these pieces perfect for a special dinner setting, or visible spice storage.
The tea strainer is based on traditional antique versions, hand fabricated in metal and reference floral silhouettes and symbols. In this case, the Pacific Dogwood, it is designed to rest on the opening of the mug, using loose tea leaves and pouring hot water over...a ceremonial end to the meal.

Each of these objects celebrates the importance of sharing a meal and experiences collectively. These pieces serve to elevate the experience by emphasising the ceremonial, functional, and traditional serving objects, in a contemporary context.

As the experience of sharing meals together as a family or group becomes more of a scarcity and a special event, the objects in a place setting too should reflect the importance of the moments spent together.

Project dimensions: Variable. Approx. 5"x4", 2.5x2.5", 4x2"
Materials: Basswood, Walnut, Brass, Nickel Silver.



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