Friday, 14 February 2014

Make your own masterpiece.

On a sunny fall day in 2000, I stood in my little worn black leather booties, on polished marble floor, staring, slack jawed in front of The Night watch , in the centre of Amsterdam. 

Nothing really prepared me for that sea sick swirly feeling in my gut the first time I encountered those paintings hung and just out of reach, behind the velvet ropes in the museum.

Those paintings, that I had stared at, as a child, in a well worn coffee table book, brought back from Holland by my mother, when she lived in Amsterdam, from the Rijksmuseum, were heavy and mysterious, and a source of much inspiration, and awe.

I just learned that about a really inspiring project and contest that the Rijksmuseum has launched, called Rijkstudio, where they are calling for artists to create a piece based on a historical works from their collection.

They've teamed up with Etsy, to inspire entrants and encourage designers, artists and creatives to submit their own works.....

Below are my favorite Etsy and Rijksmuseum Rijkstudio collaborations, the first is by Canadian artist and lingerie designer, Angie Johnson of Norweigen Wood , from Montreal who designed her stunning lingerie pieces based on the circa 1660-1670 cabinet by Johann Spitzmacher and, these amazing ceramic plates by German artist, Evelyn Bracklow, of Laphile studio, who based her swarming ant designs on selected details from a 17th century painting from the collection.

The full article about the collaboration is here: on the Etsy blog.

Maybe you will create your own masterpiece?

High Waist Panties - Rijksmuseum Collaboration - black mesh and digitally printed spandex


limited edition * LA PHILIE for Rijksstudio * wall plate * No. 2

limited edition * LA PHILIE for Rijksstudio * wall plate * No. 3



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