Sunday, 19 October 2014

A day in the studio.

It was a stunning day in the studio...light streaming through the windows after a long week of grey, overcast weather.

Busy working on a few things at once, which always seems to be a necessity....I'm getting work together for my solo exhibition in Regina, Saskatchewan, and working on production pieces for the upcoming holiday season.  

I've also included some shots of the original, traction freight, turn of the century elevator in the studio, perfect for lugging heavy tanks, or awkward deliveries up instead of hauling things up the stairs.  It has the same original wooden gate that it had at the turn of the century, and it works on a system of unsophisticated weights and tension, and is easy to operate. 

The gate only opens when you align the hardwood floor of the elevator with the floor you want to come out on.  You also need to hold two buttons down (like a crane I used to operate as a summer student in a factory), to move the elevator up or down.


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