Monday, 3 November 2014

The illuminated world of Michelle Morin

Artist Michelle Morin creates stunning watercolour works that are observational, delicate and richly textured in creatures and content.

I love that her paintings tell the story of the complicated relationships between the destructive but beautiful jewel toned insects that inhabit her gardens, and the flowers that she grows and observes.

While most of her subject matter is rooted in nature, the way that she develops pattern in her work is what I find so intriguing and interesting.

Much of her work focuses on landscapes, seascapes and the observation of the creatures that inhabit these spaces.

I've purchased her "Dancing Egrets" print, which is really moody and dramatic, but I'd like one of the lighter prints, like the stunning "Spring", or one of her floral prints.  Maybe I'll have to put that one on my Christmas wish list! 

I'd like one of the lighter prints which make me smile and instantly feel better when my eyes wash over these colours!  A perfect antidote to these grey fall days.

Check out her work here:


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