Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Heavy lifting. A love story.

In the fall, a friend came to me with a curious request.

To design a statement neckpiece in the shape of a building crane, with a lot of symbolism and meaning for her and her partner.  With all big projects there is that initial challenge of solving the puzzle and designing the piece.

I let the request kick around in my head for a while, and there is certainly no shortage of inspiration in Toronto, when cranes clutter the skyline....going about their daily business.

After the chaos of the holidays, I had some time to commit to thinking more seriously about the project, and spent a week in the studio figuring out how to materialize the piece.  I wanted to make a piece that could be hung from a pin, or reside in a shadow box, while not being worn, and function as wall art, as well as a scale that was wearable but pushing the boundaries of wearable scale.

After much consideration...the piece has been finished and was presented to the recipient a couple of weeks ago


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