Sunday, 19 May 2013

California Dreaming....and Thanks, New York!

Looking out my studio window, it decidedly, absolutely Spring.  The trees are exploding in clusters of pink cherry blossom blooms and It looks incredible, magical and surreal.  Every time I look at these trees, I'm also reminded that It's time to launch my new work for Spring!

In the winter, I launched the beginning of this work, a series of neck pieces that are intricate, hand cut floral silhouettes, representing each province and territory, in Canada.

The Provincial Floral Silhouette Series, is a series of contemporary silhouette neck pieces

that explore the provincial and territorial floral symbols of Canada.

Each Canadian province and territory is assigned a flower, generally a prolific or symbolic flower for each province. These neck pieces will reference the floral symbols of each province beginning the journey from the East coast, and moving westward.

The exhibition, Capacity,, hosted the launch of this body of work, the East Coast series which exploits the floral symbols of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, P.E.I and New Brunswick.

Each provincial neckpiece will have several variations, and explorations in various materials,
finishes and scale. The will be fabricated from Nickel Silver, wood, and Sterling Silver.
Well, my Spring launch of new work, will include our neighbours to the South, and for this new work, I am continuing my North American road trip.  My first necklaces will celebrate the state symbol of New York, the cultivated rose, and the California poppy, their state flower. 

Many of my customers and clients hail from both of these states, and I wanted to pay homage to the states that have shown a lot of support and encouragement to me over the years.   Looking forward to sharing the pieces as they develop, but for now, here are some of the finished pieces, and the works in progress, in the studio....oh,  and those amazing trees!

 California Neckpiece in progress

 Prince Edward Island Neckpiece.

 New Brunswick Neckpiece

Nova Scotia Neckpiece


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