Thursday, 9 May 2013

Time may change me...but I can't trace time....

I've had this pretty frightening Hermes orange, mid century vinyl ottoman lurking and following me for some strange reason over the years.  I've moved it three times now, and well, it really only worked in the first space it was purchased for, when it was in much better shape.

It's been used over the years as the obligatory Christmas tree stand, and magazine catch all, but it was during its former duty that it developed this terrible stain one holiday from the tree....which was growing, potted and resting on the ottoman.

I likely should've abandoned the poor thing, but I didn't have the heart.  I really liked the simple form and something about it reminded me of a 1940s, blue and silver brocade ottoman that my grandmother had, that I thought was so glamorous growing up.

Rather than leaving it curbside, I decided to try my hand at re-upholstering the piece, and started looking into the right fabric.  My new place is pretty intense, the entire interior is covered in blonde wood paneling, so it's been pretty challenging.  Most people would run screaming from this space, but it's the best light I've ever seen, in a house in Toronto...(10 windows!)

Needless to say, I'm embracing the secret members cabin aesthetic of this weird place, and wanted a fabric that was graphic and warm.  I was thinking something like Norwegian sweater patterns, intricate and geometric. Too specific?  I had a few good leads from Designer Fabrics on Queen Street West, and was so happy to find this pattern, that is Ikat inspired, a thick heavy linen, that works perfectly in the space.  I am so happy with the results, and glad to have rehabilitated my ottoman.  Another project checked off the list. 


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