Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Perfect Strangers.

Strangers make us nervous.  Strangers trouble us.  Strangers often delight us.
"Stranger Danger", is something my sister yells occasionally, when someone creeps her out.

We're taught as children to be suspicious of strangers, and to never accept gifts from strangers, which is what makes the "Perfect Strangers" project by Oh, Comely magazine
so delightfully wicked.  An international gift exchange between strangers, perfect strangers has paired people from every continent in the world!  Check out this amazing map that they created because they were so astounded by this years numbers.

I thought that this would be a fun project to participate in, and take me out of my bench work head space for a little while and focus my attention on a perfect stranger.  A perfect stranger living in Lancashire, England.  All I know is that Sally is a photographer, and has just moved into a new home, and is settling in. 

The premise of the project is pretty simple..."Prepare a package for a stranger, and fill it with things you love. You'll surprise someone. You might be surprised in return. You might even find a friend."  So, I decided to focus on some great handmade and local items for my stranger across the ocean and filled my parcel with a great handmade, solid walnut shelf by OffcutStudio, an embossed journal by Artistry Cards, some cinnamon French milled guest soap, and some other little gifts.

Check out some of the great gifts that people have posted on the site, and sign up to take part in next year's project!

All images from the Perfect Strangers Facebook page.


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