Wednesday, 26 November 2014

White Wedding Wednesday: Leah and Jason

With the stark, fantastically surreal landscape of Iceland as the back drop, Jason asked Leah to join him on a lifelong adventure.

I met Leah several years ago as my neighbourhood of Roncesvalles was in transformation after the long period of construction ended.  Leah opened up a new shop, called Scout featuring art, functional home objects, greeting cards and gift items from North American artists and makers.  Leah has been carrying my work in her shop and is a strong supporter of artists in the area.  She's wonderfully professional, and stocks her beautifully curated shop with items that she loves.

I was honoured to create some simple, subtle wedding bands for Jason and Leah, in white gold and sterling silver, and pleased to have played a small part in such a big day.

Take a look at their stunning wedding photos, shot by the talented duo at Tied Photography, and be sure to drop by Scout if you get a chance!

Where did you both meet?

He said: At a Halloween party.  I was dressed as a dwarf, she was a fairy.

She said: At our mutual friends BBQ.  Though technically a few years before at a Halloween party.

At what point in the relationship did you know that you wanted to get married to each other?

He said: About two years in. It was the moment when I realized my life wouldn't be complete without her.

She said: A couple years in we started discussing the possibility, though we were both never big into the idea of marriage before that.  It was a new idea and feeling for both of us that we were excited about.

How did you imagine your wedding day to be as a child or teenager?

He said: I didn't imagine having a wedding day. Only when I met someone worth marrying did it all come together in my mind.

She said: To be honest, I was never that girl who dreamed of her wedding day. I can't say I really had a vision of what it would look like. 

What is the trait that you admire most about the other person?

He said: Her compassion.

She said: His drive and his dependability.  I can always count on him, and that's not just true for me but all of his loved ones.  He is true to his word and he's there when you need him. Of course there are MANY other things :)

What do you like to do on weekends, as a couple?

He said: Walking and drinking coffee, and mini road trips.

She said: Sleep in a little, go for brunch or make breakfast at home.  We also love doing little close to home road trips, rent a car and explore somewhere close to the city.

What was your most memorable date or trip together:

He said: Iceland, what's more memorable than asking for a lifelong commitment.

She said: Iceland! The place where Jason proposed to me :) Who knew you could make such a unique, beautiful country that much more special.

What was the most memorable/surprising thing about your wedding day?

He said: Our overwhelming feelings of gratitude.

She said: All the love! You can't really prepare for the feelings that come with being surrounded by all your closest friends and family supporting this huge commitment in your life. It was overwhelming and we didn't want it to end.

What does your new jewellery mean to you?

He said: It's a physical symbol of the connection that exists between us at all times.

She said: I never want to take it off!! I love showing it to people and looking at it and just being reminded of our commitment to each other.  I love that it was made by an independent designer who I've come to know from carrying in the shop.

What is your biggest fantasy/dream/hope as a couple?

He said: To keep the excitement, joy and love that we experience in this newness for the rest of our lives.

She said: To keep on the same path.   To buy a house and continue to travel. To grow together and embrace the changes that come. To keep having fun with each other and take each day as it comes.  To not lose the feeling of gratefulness for having found each other.

Wedding photos from Tied photography and personal photos courtesy of Leah and Jason.


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