Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Olympics! Amik! Diamond Rings! Bowie!

It's Olympic time again, a welcome distraction from all of the seriously twisted news stories as of late and all the local pubs are playing coverage of the events, cheers and clapping sounds spilling out onto the sidewalk.

I have serious graphic love for Amik....created by  Pierre-Yves Pelletier, Guy St-Arnaud & George Huel for the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, this symbol still feels relevant and contemporary today.  I have a framed silk scarf version of this fellow in my living room, watching over everyone. 

The second version of this little fellow with his (or her) amazing pride stripes is equally as excellent, and reminds me of local, extra awesome and glamorous musician, Diamond Rings whose live show is a trip and worth checking out if you get a chance to see him.  Obviously playing homage to Bowie and channelling him in all the best ways.  Last show I ended up at was at the Garrison on Dundas, trying to wrap my class up on time, on a Friday night....I get there, and one of my students (from the class) is there, explaining that she makes all of Johns jewellery!  Amazing, small world.