Wednesday, 16 March 2011


The beginning of a series of work that explore themes of abandonment, value and memory.  I re purposed and transformed a collection of spoons in an effort to experiment with subtle changes that affect our impression about whether an object is collectible, disposable, temporary, or lasting.

I sourced many of these spoons from rummage sales, thrift shops and yard sales.  No longer wanted, or valuable to their former owners, I would come across bags and bags of cutlery in these places.

Wanting to do something with the spoon form, which is an appealing shape to me, and likely the first piece of cutlery most of us have ever used, I re purposed many of them into absinthe spoons, honey dippers, and sugar sifters.  I gold plated many of them, combined plastic and metal components and pierced designs from the bowls of the spoons.  Check out Design Sponge and the post here for more images.  I also make custom ones and one of a kind spoons which you can find here on my etsy page:

Lost and Found Chairs, or "To a good home".

During the fall, I collaborated with Toronto designer, Cameron Maclean on a project we had been planning for some time.  Using abandoned, broken, curbside, solid wood chairs we planned to rehabilitate them and make them useful and beautiful again.

All of the chairs we found were covered in a minimum of 4 layers paint which we carefully hand stripped and scraped, sanded, disassembled, reassembled and replaced broken components with metal cobwebs, spindles and armatures.  While many of the changes were subtle, it was satisfying and exhausting to see the project come together.

In the works for over four months, slogging through snowstorms at night, too many meals from curry in a hurry to recall, and clothing forever covered in epoxy, wood dust and stain....they are here!

All of the chairs that we found were named after the street on which they were found: Sorauren, Dowling Avenue etc. in Toronto.

Launched as part of Toronto's International Design show week, at satellite gallery, MADE on Dundas. 

They were featured on Design Sponge before the show, and I wanted to share the post, written by Grace here!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Let the blogging begin....

It's day one of my new blog that I will be developing to document some of the experiments in my studio, recent musings and oddities that I encounter, as I explore.  I hope you enjoy!

Above image:

"Grizzly High Five brooch"
Nickel Silver.
Hand Fabricated.