Thursday, 12 November 2015

Finding the way...

Greetings all!  It's been a very busy couple of months, and It still seems completely surreal at times that I've moved studios, and began this adventure in a new province, by the sea.

Things are starting to come together, and we've been picking away at projects in order of priority, splitting our days working in the studio and on the home.

A lot of cosmetic changes need to be made, as well as serious things that need to be addressed.  We realized pretty quickly that the kitchen floor was freezing, the room was so cold that it was likely not insulated. The hunch proved correct after some exploratory work, so we've ripped out the kitchen flooring, are insulating the floors, and are bringing the kitchen back down to it's original wood floors which we are saving in the process.  

There have been some curious and unexpected discoveries on the property which has been exciting to explore...a creepy hidden well in our kitchen, fruit trees behind the house, a handmade wooden rake, and amazing flooring under all of the unfortunate linoleum and shag carpeting.

I think I've resigned myself to the fact that my future will involve a lot of wallpaper removal, and plaster repair, which I'm hoping to work on soon.  Our intention is to bring the home back to it's original state, and fortunately the woodwork, flooring and walls are all here, just hidden under many many layers which all have their own stories to tell.

So, we're making progress, but in the midst of our busiest season for our studios, we have to keep on top of our custom projects and we're not moving as quickly as we would like, but try to celebrate the small accomplishments.