Tuesday, 30 July 2013

BFFs Forever!!!

You passed notes in grade school, snuck out to bonfire parties, and promised you'd never leave the other behind....Happy International friendship day.  Send an email, call a friend, or forgive someone from your past.

Still shot. Anne of Green Gables. Sullivan Entertainment. 1985

Monday, 29 July 2013

Up North...way up north kids...Welcome to Whitehorse!

Jen Williams shop, The Collective Good, http://thecollectivegood.tumblr.com/ in Whitehorse is now carrying my work....well she has been since she opened in June, but I'd forgotten to share the news!

If you're on a road trip up be sure to check out Jens amazing shop, filled with great designers, with an emphasis on lasting, sustainable and finely made objects.  Jen is also supportive of the fine craft community and places wholesale orders with artists work that she believes in.  And that means a lot.  She also sounds like a radio pro...in this interview with CBC about her venture~!




Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Pixel Painter...aka Grandpa....

If you're stuck in a bit of a creative rut, check out this moving video about 97 year old, Hal Lasko.

Hal worked in graphic design and was a "letter man" at a time when fonts were carefully hand painted and drawn.

Over the years, his eyesight has deteriorated, but that hasn't stopped him from working in his studio.  His grandsons introduced him to Microsoft paint, after he retired and he's been developing his work in this way ever since. 

An amazing tribute and inspiration to never quit doing what you love.


Photo Credit: Caters.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

It's a nice day to start again.....

I often wonder what happens to a lot of my work when it leaves the studio.

A lot of my private commissions and etsy sales come from folks that I don't know
personally, and I'm often left wondering about things.

It's often a couple days of working on something, all the filing, sanding, the forming,
polishing and then *poof*, it's gone.  Shipped away and packaged carefully, on an
adventure to a new home.

And then I wonder....who has this piece, and where is that ring now?

I've been hearing some pretty compelling stories from strangers lately....about where some of my work ends up......the results of some incredible proposals and some pretty creative wedding experiences.

Sometimes though, the stories are so incredible that I'd like to share them with you, dear readers, and I'm rolling out a new blog feature called "White Wedding Wednesdays".

It will feature some memorable stories and interviews from couples I have worked with and if you're interested in participating, please get in touch with me to share your story.

White Wedding Album Cover.  Billy Idol. 1982.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Off Cut Studio gets featured!

Last weekend was pretty exciting around my place...my partner, Cameron was featured on Etsys front page...the coveted "featured seller" spot on their blog.

Cameron primarily creates custom furniture for clients, works with Toronto designers on special projects and makes limited edition, carefully executed interior home objects. 
He also creates really fantastic solid wood bike baskets, carriers and fenders. 

I've been using my solid walnut bike basket now for over three years, and was very happy
to be able to use one of the first prototypes, and see how it wears over the years....I can't count the number of times that I have been riding along or at a light, and called out to by other cyclists wanting to know how they can find one. 

I've been know to transport possibly ridiculous objects by bike over the years....a four foot stainless garbage can, a five foot vintage hair pin leg shop stool, lumber, thirty pounds of groceries and more.  Needless to say, I needed a bike basket that was significant in size and durable...so this design was created out of necessity and over the years, Cameron has refined the design and tweaked the details based on the original prototype.

There was a lot of excitement and hard work, leading up to the virtual event and it was      fun to help out in the studio with a photo shoot before the feature.

Here are some images from the photo shoot, and the link to his interview....



Wood serving tray - bevel edged wood platter
Salt cellar - cherry wood salt cellar with wooden spoon
Eliptical wooden bike basket
Maple Sugar Bowl
Bike Basket - Large Walnut Wood bike basket
Wood Oak Clock

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Summer Love.

The Summer days stretch long and languish, as the sun sets.
Simple plans like a walk through the meadow, dipping toes in lakes,
and long road trips to nowhere in particular.

Here are some photos from a much needed adventure to a former
1970s commune property, in Ontario.

A much needed break for recharging and exploring.

I hope you're having a great summer, wherever you are...

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Step into my closet.....

Okay, I'll admit it...I have a serious fashion addiction.  Or, more accurately, a serious clothing addiction.
Growing up, in rural Nova Scotia, I remember carrying stacks of fashion magazines around with me, and dragging them onto the school bus with me in the morning.  I lusted after the white LA Gear high top sneakers (with black and fuchsia webbing!), and the solid hot pink, tight leather creeper high tops. I remember wearing the pink ones obsessively, often paired with a flared, short pale chambray or acid washed skirt and socks.  Needless to say, I was endlessly mocked.  Most often when I chose mismatched neon socks, decided to cut off all of my bangs (big mistake), or grew them extra long, and sculpted them to mimic some sort of David Bowie or Madonna waterfall mash up. 

The fact that L.A fashion trends found their way into the smallest pockets of the world, (opposite coast, different coastal culture) is pretty astounding and pervasive in pre-internet media and pop culture.  I mean I NEEDED those sneakers!  Paula Abdul had them!

I love high end designer fashion, and am curious about conceptual runway work, but don't have the pocket book or interest in buying such pieces.  They are great sources of inspiration though, and really it's all about self expression, representation, and experimentation.....its really about having fun and not taking yourself too seriously.  Living in Toronto, there are endless vintage shops to explore for great pieces, and many thrift shops to uncover great finds....Ive been lucky over the years, I've found a fantastic brown leather Coach bag, Cropped vintage Chanel blazer and a fantastic Ben Sherman zebra print coat.  Its all in the patient beach combing of these shops.

These days, one of my favourite fashion inspiration websites has got to be Closet visit.

Curated by the uber talented photographer, and visual artist, LA based Jeana Sohn, it takes a peek into some super inspired closets.  Satisfying your secret voyeur, Jeana takes you on a visual adventure through the boudoirs of the creative women of Los Angeles.  She has a sharp eye and curates each post in the same format, weaving a tremendous visual tale.

From her blog, I know that shes been very busy, (newborn baby!) and the blog has been a bit quiet for the past year or so.  Checking in this week I noticed that shes back, and I wanted to share one of my favourite closet visits with you.

Cathy Cooper is a stylist and artist, and describes her style as Baroque hobo witch (amazing!).  I admire her spirit and tenacity in her fashion sleuthing, and the fact that she doesn't shop as the same stores as everyone else featured on the blog. 
She is my new patron fashion saint, and we clearly share a kinship in sock choices.  Enjoy!
Her complete closet visit is here: http://www.closetvisit.com/